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The World’s First Double-Sided Backpack

While looking for a way to revolutionise quality leather goods, friends and product designers Alex and Andrei stumbled upon an ingenious way to reinvent the backpack: by making it two-sided. Following a meticulous design process; with genuine premium leather as their staple material, fair prices for their customers as a necessity and hand-crafted manufacturing as a must, Alex and Andrei’s company Chivote are aiming to change the way we travel with our tablets, laptops and other vital accessories for good.  By simply adjusting the strap at the top of the padded straps and twisting the backpack to reveal the reverse, switching your rucksack’s look from modern to classic or casual to smart has never been easier, practically giving you two great bags for the price of one.

With just a couple of weeks left to go on their Kickstarter campaign, Chivote will be hoping to reach their goal soon in order to bring their marvelous two-sided backpacks (which are now set to be made available in three unique colour-ways) to life, although if you’re not yet convinced by the full package, you can also pledge a cut price fee to get your hands on Chivote’s luxury leather pen case or wallet.

The Content Doctor Training @ Uzina Crossfit

The Content Doctor Training @ Uzina Crossfit